Biography of Company Activities


Pamchal Asia Co . was established in 1994 under the name of Commercial company with the purpose of exporting ox miscelanous and chicken products .

This company took the authorization from the Islamic Republic of Iran Veterinary Organization in 1999.After that, the managers decided to improve their activities and  established the factory in a field about 105000 square meters .

This factory placed in 30 kilometers  far away from Tehran – the capital of Iran and includes 8 packing& producing saloons, 5 maintaining  saloons & 4  freezing tunnels.

All of the Pamchal Asia products have health certificates and they are under  The supervision of veterinary organization.

In maintaining saloons 5000/mt  of  goods can be maintained at – 18˚c.Main products are as follows :

Chicken     paws      and    feets,  ox  tripe ,sheep tripe, pizzle, testicle , larynx , aorta ,salted omasum , roostertesticle ,spinal cords,nuchal tendon.

This company stablished big factories in  Isfahan , Mashhad    and Yazd.

Company activities in IRAN

Producing and packing of Chicken feets
Producing and packing of Chicken Paws
Producing and packing of Chichen gizzard
Producing and packing of OX testicle
Producing and packing of Pizzle
Producing and packing of Ox larynx
Producing and packing of Sheep tripe
Producing and packing of Ox tripe
Producing and packing of Omasum
Producing and packing of Aorta
Producing and packing of Rooster Testicle
Producing and packing of Natal Tendon
Producing and packing of Spinal Cord

Operation unit

This unit is operated by experienced and expert personels who have International certificate and trained under the supervision of specialists.
1- Transportation unit
2- Supervision unit
3- off loading and loading unit
4- separation unit
5 -Washing (cleaning) unit
6- packing unit
7- freezing unit
8- labor unit
9-Technical unit

Transportation Unit

In this part transportation of frozen products have been done by heavy and light automobiles and divided in to 3 operating
Unites as follows :

- collection of OX products unit
- Transportation of prepared products unit

- Transportation of the personals

Supervision  Unit

Controlling the quality from offloading to loading process


Offloading and loading Unit

Washing (Cleaning ) Unit

Washing of sorted products


Packing Unit

Operation of packing after washing of sorted products.


freezing unit

Operation of freezing at -40˚c during 8 hours with the capacity of 100/mt

Laborer Units

Supervision of specialists on the producing process by using new science are the main characteristic of the company .
1-off loading unit
2-cutting unit
3-washing (cleaning ) unit
4-sorting unit
5-first packing unit
6-freezing unit
7-second packing unit
8-maintaining unit
9- loading unit

Company manager